We are inviting 100 days of 1₹ Saving Challenge Invite For Students and Parents. You can Save easily an amount of ₹5050 rupees.

100 Days 1₹ Saving Challenge invite

What is 1₹ Saving Challenge invite ?

You all know we have been saving coins in our piggy bank and when coins are complete filled up, Would use that Money for buying favorite thing longing to buy. If any thing emergency comes up our parents would take away from us, saying will give you later when you need.Now we made some change and encourage to save money within a time frame and buy favorite thing in just 100 days.

What changes will bring after Entering into this challenge?

Have Enough Courage to Start,and Enough Heart to Finish. You will first concentrate on the challenge, then plan to drop coins into the jar bottle, then every day you keep track of your progress and you always try to save the coins for future days to drop into the bottle jar.Your Mind will be actively calculates,remembers the task and More over keep you on track.

What You need to do to take up this challenge?

You need one glass jar with lid tight and a hole to drop the coins. A tracking sheet which will track you progress. Download the A4 Excel sheet 1₹ Saving Challenge. Take the print out of the sheet, enter the start date.Stick the sheet in front of your reading table or on cupboard, where you always keep an eye on this sheet. Every day when you drop the coins, Tick into the column of the sheet. This will track your progress of challenge.

Final result of this challenge

At the end of 100 days you will have 5050 Rupees amount You will be first surprise with total amount collected and never imaged this could be achievable. Apart from this discipline of saving money develops in you. you can invest this money , buy your favorite thing. As there is saying

“Little drops of water make the ocean” by Julia A. F. Car

“A penny saved is a penny earned” by Benjamin Franklin.

Downloadable PDF 100 Days 1₹ Saving Challenge

Downloadable Excel doc 100 Days 1₹ Saving Challenge

Outcome of this challenge

  1. You will develop the habit of Saving Each rupee.
  2. Concentration on your Tasks
  3. Develops Discipline
  4. Always makes you think ahead
  5. Planning and taking action
  6. Time management
  7. Tracking your progress

You can write to us or comment below on your experience about this challenge and do know How this saved Money helped you?